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    Best free Android games for your smartphone

    Android is a great platform for smartphones and tablets and it has got the best apps in the market. But if you are bored with your android smartphone and want some exciting games to play than you have landed at the right place. We are listing the top 5 free android games for you which will make you love your smartphones even more and will never let you get bored of it. 

    1. Temple Run for Android

    best free android games

    Temple Run is one of the games which became instant hit after being available for android. The games story line is very addictive and goes as follow, you have stolen a cursed idol from the scared temple and now you have to run to save your life from the evil demon monkeys. This game has created a buzz currently that's why being listed at top in the list of best free android games. The game controls are very handy and you are sure to enjoy this game . 

    2. Six-Guns for Android

    best free android games

    Play the game free and make your enemies pay, that's what this game makes you do. If you like those wild wild west movie scenes than you will love to play this game. The game takes you in the open world set in Arizona surrounded by mystery and challenges and lots of action. The game comprises of 40 challenging missions for you to overcome. Start playing now!

    3. Scramble with Friends Free for Android

    Scramble with Friends is a fun word finding game developed by Zynga. The game is one of the most downloaded games on android market. You have to find words in a jumbled grid by quickly sliding your fingers over adjacent letters to form words. You can form words in backward, forward, sideways or any other way. Start playing, the counter starts now!

    Download Scramble with Friends Free for Android

    4. Angry Birds Space for Android

    Now this game is a must have on your android smartphone. The game had a record number of downloads in few days of its release. Angry Birds Space takes you into the space with all new challenging levels which you have to play in zero gravity. Angry Birds had to be in this list of best free android games. The game needs no further explanation, download now and experience the best Angry Birds gameplay yet. 

    5. Fruit Ninja Free for Android

    Ever wanted to show your ninja skills but never got a chance than this is the game for you. Show all your fast reflexes and concentration like a ninja and slice those popping fruits. The game has got three modes which makes you show all your ninja warrior skills. This is the last one in the list of best free android games but is not the least one. Its a famous game which came to android last year and since than has become craze among mobile gamers. Download now and slice off some fruits :) 

    If you enjoyed reading the list of best free android games than take a moment to share it with your friends :)

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