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    Create Counter Strike dedicated server [Tutorial]

    In this post i will give you a very easy tutorial with snapshots on how to create your very own Counter Strike dedicated server on your pc. Having your own server has many benefits, you dont have to worry about getting kicked or banned and you can choose whom to play with and whom to kick. Creating a counter strike dedicated server is very easy and you have to perform only few steps given below.

    Steps to create Counter Strike dedicated server:

    Step 1: Port Forward in your Router and disabling any firewalls

    This the only thing that keeps many from trying to create a dedicated server. For creating a counter strike dedicated server you need to allow incoming connections by opening the port in your router.  Port forwarding can be easily implemented in your routers by following the instructions below:

    Port forwarding in MTNL WiFi routers:

    • Enter the root IP of your modem page, its in our case.

    • You will be prompted to enter Admin and Pass, entering that will take you to your routers main page. 

    • Click on Advanced tab on the left, and than click on NAT and than on Port Triggering. 

    counter strike dedicated server

    • Now click on Add and you will be presented with a list of empty boxes. Select Custom application and enter any name for your application such as CounterStrike.

    • Choose the required port number, something like 27019 will work (this port number will be the used in the dedicated server in next step). 

    • Enter this port number in the respective fields as shown in the screenshot above.

    • Change the Protocol to TCP/UDP.

    That's all, now just click Save and don't forget to turn off any firewalls that may be installed on your pc with anti-virus. 

    Step 2: Start the dedicated server ( this is already installed with your Steam)

    Open the Dedicated Server application that is installed along your Steam.

    • Select Counter Strike from the Game drop-down.

    counter strike dedicated server

    • Give a name to your server anything you like, default is Counter Strike dedicated server.

    • Now enter the Port number which we had opened for incoming connections in previous step, its 27019 in this tutorial. Enter a RCON password and thats it.

    • Click on Start Server. Now your counter strike dedicated server is live. 

    But before you can start playing with your friends on your very own dedicated server, you will have to give them the Server address. You already know the port number but you need to find your IP address, you can find your IP address by clicking here.

    Now just put the server address like this :   YourIPaddress:27019

    Pass this address to your friends and start playing counter strike on your own server. :). If you have any questions regarding the tutorial than feel free to ask in comments below.

    If you liked the tutorial than please take a moment by sharing it with your friends. Subscribe to the blog to get more updates regarding Counter Strike and other games. 


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