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    Evernote for Windows gets update- Activity Stream

    Evernote for Windows has got an update and will make your work much  more easy and efficient. The new feature in this update is the Activity Stream, which will make it more easier for you to work with your friends and colleagues. 

    evernote activity stream update

    In the updated version,  you will see a new satellite dish button and clicking on it will bring the new Activity stream. The new Activity stream feature will enable you to see all the activity happenings in your shared notebooks and also those that others have shared with you. The update was released to the users in their blog post. 

    Each activity in the stream will be associated with a specific icon which will show the nature of event, text will  indicate the changes that have occurred with a link to that notebook and the time Evernote checked for updates. 

    You can see alerts for the following activities :
    • New Notes
    • Edits to existing ones, and
    • Deleted Notes

    So update your Evernote for Windows now and tell us how you like this new feature in comments below!

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