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    Features of Popular E-book Readers

    Most people have a favorite author or two; books they cannot bear to part with and a desire to get at least one or two more. If space is limited, modern technology has the answer. You no longer have to store hard cover books or even soft cover books in your book case. 

    popular ebook readers
    It’s possible to have multiple books in the space of a common cell phone. You no longer have to tote books with you and can read a book anywhere at any time. Let’s look at some of the latest features of products that store our beloved content for us. These are not listed in any particular order.

    Thunderbolt Duo from Western Digital

    The amazing combination of storage, backup and speed make this a sensational tool for the creative professional to use and perhaps the only tool they would need for an enhanced workflow process.  The price range is around $200.00 for 2TB, $400.00 for the 4TB model and $500.00 for the 6TB of storage.

    •  10 gigabits per second download allowing fast reading.
    • Can transfer a full length movie in less than 30 seconds
    •   Has 3D rendering
    •  Allows video editing
    • Can download 8600 hours of music in about 10 minutes.
    • A speed faster than USB 2.0 drives
    • Equipped with two HDDs and an 800 MHZ CPU.


    The kindle connects with a built in Wi-Fi and is now lighter, smaller and faster than ever and starts as around $79. With its portability (it fits in a pocket) you will never leave home without it. Some of the many features of a Kindle are:

    • It weighs less than 6 ozs.
    • The body is now smaller with all the great features you love and still has the 6” screen
    • With a Kindle you can grab a book in 60 seconds
    • For $9.99 or less each you can select from over 800,000 titles
    • Or you can borrow a book from your public library
    • Your Kindle can hold 1400 books
    • The screen text is clear and crisp and resizable.
    • Your Kindle knows where you stopped reading and will let you pick up where you left off
    • You can download and edit documents on Kindle.


    The Nook screen claims to be the easiest ever to read, even when the sun is glaring on it. Its price starts at around $99.00; add a power charger for less than $10.00. What else can we expect from our Nook?

    • If you were to read ½ daily, your battery is expected to last over 2 months when not using Wi-Fi. (Using the internet uses more battery power.)
    • It can access over 2.5 million books at around $9.99 each.
    • Does not have ads
    • Can be used to borrow from the public library.
    • Download a book in seconds.
    • Can hold up to 1,000 books, magazines and newspapers
    • Weighs less than 7and ½ ozs.
    • The text font is resizable
    • Measures 6.5 inches tall, 5. Inches wide, and less than ½ inch thick.
    • Boasts a 6 inch touchscreen
    • Turns pages faster and with less than flashing than other eReaders.

    FreeBird Android Tablet PC

    These tablet personal computers are absolutely amazing. They are like miniature computers, with a 10 inch screen for gaming, videos and movies, an eBook reader and more. The price of under $200.00 is friendly considering these features:

    • Uses the android operating system which can easily access all the software and apps available through android.
    • Has a built in camera, video and webcam plus several photo editing features.
    • Contains built in Wi-Fi 3G for internet access anywhere you can use your cell.
    • Comes with 2GB memory but a 32GB microSD card can quickly upgrade that.
    • Stream movies, videos and more.
    • Download and read your favorite books.
    • Touch screen which quickly answers your commands and can change fonts.

    No longer is there any reason not to be able to read your favorite books, newspaper or magazine. There are all kinds of book club offers where you can subscribe to downloadable books, or simply get them from your public library. Which is your favorite e-book reader?

    About Author:
    Alan Rita is an expert review writer; she is currently guest posting for  www.opendoorloan.co.uk, a site that offers customers advance loans.

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