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    Google Analytics app for Android announced

    Finally Google has announced the Google Analytics app for Android mobile platform. Now you can check the stats and visitors on your blog or website. With Google Analytics app on your android phone you will access to same profiles that you see on the desktop but the reports will be optimized for your smartphones. 

    google analytics app

    Google Analytics app will let you see and keep track of your websites and apps anytime and while being on the move. 

    Real Time:  You can see the number of active visitors on your website and the list of pages( screens in case of apps) that are being viewed. 

    google analytics app

    Dashboard: You can see all the reports that you care about at one place. Daily unique visitors or the Goal conversion rate will be seen by default but that can be changed according to your needs.

    google analytics android

    Automatic and Customized Alerts: This is a very interesting feature in this new app for android. Google Analytics detects and analyses your data and if it finds something unusual than it will send you an alert about it. You can customize the alert settings to enable alerts on your desired conditions. 

    Download Google Analytics app for Android from Google Play

    via: Google Blog 

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