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    Google Doodle tribute to Alan Turing on his 100th Birthday

    If you went to Google.com today than you would have seen the new Google Doodle which is a tribute to Alan Turing on his 100th birthday. Where as the interactive version of the Doodle may not work on some browsers but if your using Chrome than you will also see the binary numbers (1 and 0) being scrolled horizontally. 

    alan turing google doodle

    The Google Doodle dedicated to Alan Turing's is kind of a short game in which you have to select the correct binary numbers so that they match the binary number shown above.  Each time you are able to match the binary numbers, an alphabet of the Google written in white (as shown in pic above) will get its desired color. Once all the alphabets get their color you will be taken to search results page of "Alan Turing". 

    Alan Turing is known as the father of computer science and artificial intelligence. Alan Turing, an English mathematician who was born in England but was conceived in Indian State of Orrisa while his father worked in Indian Civil Service. Alan Turing is known for his  algorithm work and on Turing machine or automatic machine as called by Alan Turing. Turing machine is thought of as the base of modern computer design. You can read more about Alan Turing and his interesting life at Wikipedia

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