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    Google introduces Custom Themes in Gmail

    Google has introduced custom themes in their mail service Gmail. You can now customize the background of your Gmail account. Gmail already had themes but they were predefined and users had limited options. Google also added some HD themes back in November to increase the customization options in Gmail. 

    Gmail Team on their blog said, "Themes have been an important part of Gmail ever since we launched them back in 2008. Not only do they let you personalize your inbox with fun backgrounds, but they’re also practical, helping you easily differentiate between multiple Gmail inboxes (e.g. work and personal)."

    custom themes in gmail

    Google will be rolling out this update of custom themes for Gmail in a day or two for all its users. So you may or may not see the options for custom Light  and Dark themes under the Gmail themes tab. You can set your custom background by uploading your desired picture, choosing from your Google+ albums or you can even paste URL of the picture. If you don't have any desired picture than you can choose one from Google's featured section. 

    You can watch the video below to see more about the new custom themes for Gmail.

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