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    Google I/O 2012- Things expected to be unveiled

    So now its Google turn to show some of its latest developments at their Google I/O 2012. Apple announced their latest iOS 6 and new MacBook Pros, followed by Microsoft announcing their Surface tablets and Windows Phone 8 mobile platform and now Google may follow the trend and make some big announcements which may include the latest Android version.

    google io 2012

    There are some things which are expected to be unveiled at the event by Google and we are compiling a list of it here in this post. 

    Android Jelly Bean

    Google maybe announcing their next version of Android mobile platform. As we posted earlier, Google mistakenly showed "Android 4.1 Jelly Bean" in cart description of Galaxy Nexus on Google Play store. Many were expecting the next version to be Android 5.0 but now it seems to be named Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. According to us, Jelly bean can only be a minor update to ICS if its named Android 4.1 but it will be hard to comment on it as of now. Lets see what Google has in store of its Android fans.

    Google Project Glass

    google project glass

    Many would be thinking that Google's Project Glass is something very far away but it is being learnt that Google may be planning to get on board with its project glass and what can be the best time to showcase it other than Google I/O. The project is expected to be launched next year and Google may show their innovative wearable glass to developers and encourage application development for this new project. 

    Google Nexus Tablet

    The next big thing at the event will be the Google Nexus tablet but this time Google has partnered with Asus  rather than going with Samsung which is their Galaxy Nexus smartphone manufacturer. The new tablet is expected to be running Android Jelly Bean. Asus Nexus tablet  may have the standard 7 inch screen powered by 1.3 GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor. It is being learnt that Google Nexus tablet will not be iPad competitor but will be a mid-range Android tablet. According to us, the price of the tablet will be somewhere around Rs. 11000 (~ $200). 

    Google Assistant 

    Google Assistant will make your Android smartphone work on your voice commands. Google Assistant can be expected to be unveiled at the Google I/O. It will enable you to do various things with your smartphone without the need for typing or tapping. Google Assistant will rely on its own services like Google search, Google+ social network and Google +1. We may expect something really advanced in this section at Google I/O. 

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