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    Hotmail may get a makeover with a brand name Newmail

    It is being learnt that Microsoft may be looking to give its email service Hotmail a makeover. Microsoft has been keen on redesigning it with their metro user interface. Hotmail may go under a total re-branding, Liveside.net has posted some screenshots of the new Hotmail which is being called "Newmail" and has stated that Microsoft is redesigning Hotmail to be fast, fluid and intuitive.  

    hotmail design change

    The leaked images have made it onto the web and the design looks clean and has been changed to the new metro UI. The header has different colors for different services like SkyDrive has a blue header and Mail has a green color. The screenshots show that the new designed email is named as "Newmail". The new design is developed to enable fast access and has been customized for tablets. 

    hotmail turns newmail

    The new mail service will be opt-in initially, so that users who don't want to switch over to the new design will be able to stick to the old Hotmail for some more time. You can get a new email address without loosing your previous mails and contacts and you will continue receiving emails on your current email address. One more feature of Newmail is that it will let you connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts which will enable you to chat directly with your friends and will also let you synchronize your contacts. 

    The date for the release of Newmail is still not known but it will be interesting to see when Microsoft decides to make the move. Are you a Hotmail user ? If you are a Hotmail user than what you think about this move from Microsoft and will you switch over to Newmail. Let us know in the comments!

    Images Source: Liveside.net

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