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    Huawei announces their new Windows Phone 8 smartphone

    Huawei confirms that they will be building their new Windows Phone 8 smartphone under the name of Huawei Ascend family. Huawei has mainly developed low cost smartphones, like Android based Ideos and it is expected that the company will build cost effective Windows Phone devices to keep this image intact. 

    huawei windows phone

    Huawei is gaining momentum in the smartphones sector and this partnership with Microsoft to build Windows Phone smartphones will prove to be a boost for the company. 

    "We’re very excited about this relationship with Microsoft which will enable us to provide our customers with a bigger array of Huawei smartphone choices.", said Shao Yang, chief marketing officer, Huawei Device. 

    There has been no talks about specs or anything about the phone, we shouldn't be expecting that too with Windows Phone 8 being announced just yesterday. The phone can be expected to be showcased near the end of this year. 

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