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    LinkedIn updates about the hacking incident

    LinkedIn the social network for professionals has stated that they will take the required steps needed to improve the security. This statement comes after more than 6 million user passwords were compromised and were put up on the site belonging to hackers. Users were advised to change their passwords immediately after the breach.

    linkedIn security breach update

    The company came under fire for lack of security after the breach was confirmed. LinkedIn has more than 160 million users worldwide who connect to their colleagues and other professionals. Though this security breach did not have any effect on the shares of the company but it will be interesting to see how the company changes  its track to minimize the effect on its reputation. 

    LinkedIn said in its blog, that it has notified all the users who have been affected by the security breach and their accounts have not been accessed. Further it said that no more account details have been compromised in the incident. 

    "If your password has not been disabled, based on our investigation, we do not believe your account is at risk", it said in the blog post. 

    Meanwhile, LinkedIn has been investigating the matter and has hired external security and forensic experts along with FBI to get to the root of this security breach. The company also stated that they don't know about any other information being compromised other than passwords. 

    LinkedIn has one of the most crucial online databases which contains large amount of private data belonging to million of professionals around the world including some well known faces. LinkedIn will have to take some serious steps to keep the data of its users secure which will determine how much faith users put on the company. 

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