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    Microsoft may release its own Windows 8 tablet on Monday

    Microsoft has scheduled an event for Monday to make an important announcement. While the nature of event has not been disclosed yet, it is being believed that Microsoft may be planing to unveil their own Windows 8 tablet on Monday to mark its entry into tablet segment and compete with its rival Apple. 

    microsofts own windows 8 tablet

    According to The Wrap, the event has been scheduled for Monday at 3:30 p.m. June 18 in Los Angeles and is said to be a secretive event whose venue has still not been announced. The company hasn't made any statements and has been tight lipped about the nature of event. 

    Lets see what announcement is on the cards, will Microsoft get into hardware segment and unveil their own manufactured tablet or will it be something else. What do you think , let us know in comments below!

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