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    Microsoft unveils surface tablets at its secretive event

    There was alot of noise from few days about this event by Microsoft that was said to be very secretive. As we posted earlier, it was being learnt from sources that Microsoft may show its own Windows 8 tablet at the event. Microsoft showcased their new surface for Windows tablets at the event.

    microsoft surface tablets

    Microsoft unveiled two tablets at the event, Surface for Windows RT and Surface for Windows 8 Pro. Both the tablets look same on the outside but the major difference lies inside. The fast and fluid interface, easy connectivity and quality software that will satisfy user needs, Surface will be the best way to experience what Windows has to offer, says Microsoft. 

    microsoft surface tablets widnows 8 pro

    Lets quickly see the specs of both the tablets.

    Surface for Windows RT tablet specs:

    Display 10.6 inch
    ClearType HD capacitive touch
    Processor Nvidia Tegra-based ARM processor
    Weight & Thickness 676 grams,
    9.3 millimeters 
    Operating System Windows RT + Office Home
    Memory 32 GB/ 64 GB
    I/O microSD, USB 2.0
    Battery 31.5 Wh

    Surface for Windows 8 Pro tablet specs:

    Display 10.6 inch
    ClearType Full HD capacitive touch
    Processor Intel Core i5 (Ivy Bridge) processor
    Weight & Thickness 903 grams,
    13.5 millimeters 
    Operating System Windows 8 Pro
    Memory 64 GB/ 128 GB
    I/O  USB 3.0, microSDXC
    Battery 42 Wh

    The price of both the tablets is yet to be decided and expected launch will around the 2012 fall. Microsoft hasn't worked much on the screen of its Windows RT surface tablet and may be priced much less than its counterpart Windows 8 Pro tablet which has a full HD 1080p display. 

    Microsoft is not thinking of attracting users on the base of specifications and mighty hardware but they want to give users the best experience with their quality software. According to us, the company will be working towards the software section now rather than on the hardware. Microsoft will be facing alot of challenges in the near future regarding the pricing of its Surface tablets and  OEM's that would be developing Windows 8 Pro tablets in the coming times.  

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    1. Definitely great
      expectation by Microsoft, we got many well service from that company so the
      declaration may be true. The specification provided by Microsoft is really very
      nice and impressive. No doubt it may catch the market very vastly.


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