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    Microsoft Windows Phone 8 announced [New Features]

    Microsoft officially and has finally announced the newest version of their mobile OS, Windows Phone 8. The announcement was expected as the rumors were floating around this sneak peak event by Microsoft. It was learnt that Microsoft is working on the next version of its mobile platform named "Apollo", but now the curtain has been raised and its just called Windows Phone 8.

    While there has been disappointment for current Windows Phone users as the Windows Phone 8 won't be available for any current Windows Phone in the market, be it your Lumia 900. So if you are a Windows Phone user currently than you will not get to experience this until you dish out some more money and buy a new phone capable of running Windows Phone 8. 

    What's New?

    Microsoft has just got bigger and better with Windows Phone 8. The new version of the platform has many new things and advancements in terms of hardware and software support. Windows Phone 8 will now support multi-core processors upto 64, it will have a microSD card slot support and displays upto WXGA  720p (1280 x768) with 15:9 aspect ratio. Microsoft has brought Windows Phone 8 up with better and faster hardware that will enable new, faster games and other advanced apps which can be written in the native code, this is something for Apple to think off. 

    One Platform for all your devices

    What Microsoft has done is that, it has brought the same platform on your PC, notebook, on your tablet and now on your smartphone as well, that's something really awesome and its real potential will be realized once its out in the market. If we see it the other way, Microsoft has made it possible for developers to make apps for Windows 8 PC or tablet and port the same app to a Windows Phone without much of a headache and that's something the developer community will be loving. Developers can use the existing C/C++ libraries to build applications along with DirectX support. This will result in more powerful apps and games never seen before coming to a phone. Windows Phone 8 provides a complete gaming platform.

    NFC Mobile Wallet 

    windows phone 8 wallet

    Microsoft also showcased their new NFC supported mobile wallet feature which will enable NFC payments and bring loyalty cards right into your smartphone. The NFC mobile wallet feature will be reliant on an augmented SIM rather on the hardware which will provide added security. Windows Phone 8 will also provide a PIN option to protect all your purchases on the phone. Orange will be the first network to come up with secure SIM's and other will follow later. This is some serious competition to Google Wallet and Apple's Passbook. 

    Internet Explorer 10/ VoIP and Skype /Nokia Maps

    Windows Phone 8 will have Internet Explorer 10 which will offer anti-phishing filter, faster JavaScript performance and more of HTML5 support. Nokia Maps will be built in the operating system this time and will have offline map support, turn-by-turn navigation with NAVTEQ map data. Another thing which was improved is multitasking, you can recieve VoIP calls just like any other normal call your phone. You will also get the same UI for incoming Skype calls. 

    VoIP applications can keep running in the background and this functionality will be available for all developers. Navigation and Map apps can now run in the background  as well and will have car integration and speech recognition. 

    Voice Recognition gets better

    Microsoft is bringing voice recognition as an important feature in Windows Phone 8. Kevin gave a demo of Audible at the event, where he used all sorts of voice commands, first opened a application and than navigated through his audiobooks, he also tried the search feature. Developers can built this voice recognition right into their apps with the development API's which will be available soon for all developers.  This looks quite promising and is sure keep Apple's Siri quite for sometime. 

    Windows Phone 8 for Business

    The next new thing in Windows Phone 8 is for Business professionals and enterprises. Windows Phone 8 will support encryption and secure boot and will enable IT administrators to set up apps to end users without having to go through Marketplace. In simple terms, it will enable admins to remotely manage the phones provided on corporate levels. 

    New Windows Phone 8 UI gets smarter

    Windows Phone 8 also has new changed user interface, the tiles on the home screen have been resized to accommodate more live tiles. The users will have the option to resize the tiles according to their needs and see how it fits on the home screen. The start screen has three size of tiles large, medium and small tiles. Also more colors have been added. Windows Phone got a great response for its metro interface and this change in the UI is surely gonna make users love it more. 

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