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    Mozilla Thimble launched - simple webmaking app

    Mozilla has launched its new webmaking app named Thimble which will enable users to easily write and publish webpages in HTML and CSS. The tool is very simple for anyone to use, even a newbie can use it to create a webpage and publish it in minutes.

    mozilla thimble launched

    Thimble is directed towards the audience who have little or no knowlegde of HTML or CSS and the idea is to help them make complete working web pages and publish them with minimum effort.  All this work can be done right from your browser. You can write and test your webpages from your browser and publish them  onto the web with a single click. 

    Mozilla said in a blog post, " Thimble is webmaking made easy.It’s an intuitive visual editor that lets you write and edit HTML right in your browser, preview and correct your work, and then publish and share fully functional web pages with a single click. Thimble removes many of the barriers for novice users trying to learn code, and includes a series of starter projects and templates to help anyone get started quickly."

    Mozilla is inviting people from all over the world to use new Mozilla tools and projects as their big simmer learning campaign, Mozilla summer code party. The party starts June 23 and will continue all summer long. 

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