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    Nokia Lumia 900 caught running Windows Phone 7.8 but no word on start screen update

    Nokia Lumia 900 have been seen running Windows Phone 7.8 and some of the websites have managed to get the pics of new start screen on Lumia 900. Nokia USA also twitted in a reply to a query that the update will be rolling out in the coming weeks, that's a good news for Lumia 900 users. Nokia USA also twitted, "We will bring the elements of WP8 to Lumia 900 that aren't tied to the new hardware".

    The latest tweet by Nokia USA clearly says that only the WiFi sharing and flip-to-silence update will be coming in few weeks and start screen update is yet to be determined. 

    Whereas Engadget people managed to get few snaps of Nokia Lumia 900 running Windows Phone 7.8 which has the new start screen. The phone seems to be AT&T powered Lumia 900 and shows the new start screen with different sizes of live tiles.

    Via:  Engadget

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