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    Top 5 Free Android Battery Saving Apps

    Frequently having to charge your cell phone can be a pain. Sometimes users need to become aware of where that battery power is going and other times they need a little help managing the power sucking features. This guide of five power-saving apps can give you some advice on solving all your Android battery woes.

    android battery apps

    Juice Plotter

    JuicePlotter will explain to you where your phone power is going using clear and colorful charts. The app will plot the battery usage of screen brightness, radio usage, and battery temperature. Another useful feature is that the app shows how close your phone is to being fully charged or completely drained. This feature is supposed to give an accurate measure of how much juice you really have left. However, some users have complained about occasional inaccuracies in the line graphs.

    Battery Mix

    This app provides detailed charts that give current usage information. One of the best features that Battery Mix offers is the capability to set an alarm to notify you of low battery power. Battery Mix can also provide an estimate of how much time until the battery is fully charged or depleted. Design is an important element to this app, allowing users to pick custom battery icons for their phones. Most users say they can’t live without this app.

    Juice Defender

    This app offers a lot of choices in how you save battery power. There are three settings – balanced, aggressive, and extreme – that can be programmed using Juice Defender to keep your phone kicking when power is low. This app comes with five options for power saving with features including disabling data connections and battery consumption optimization that monitors screen brightness, CPU speed, and GPS use. The free version of the app offers almost no customization but the ultimate can be fully programmed to fit the specific needs of your phone.

    Power Defender

    For those who never remember to close out apps, this is one that you need to add to the repertoire. Power Defender’s main feature is an “AutoKill” task manager that automatically closes apps to save your battery from being drained by unused programs. Apps that you don’t want to be automatically closed can be programmed into a “White List” that keeps them running unless you specify otherwise. Power Defender also manages WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and flashlight features to help save battery power.

    Easy Battery Saver

    The name of this app doesn’t lie. The app provides easy ways to save battery power by controlling network connectivity, screen time out, and screen brightness. Battery Saver also allows your phone to sleep that saves power when the phone won’t be used for a few hours. This app comes with four preset saving modes and one advanced customized mode complete with tutorials that educate you on task managing.

    What's your favorite battery saving app for your Android? Let us know in comments below

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    Lisa has been a loyal android user for 3 years now. When she isn’t trying to save her battery, she is a full time blogger for Satellitetv.com home of the greatest Dish TV Deals.

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