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    3 Ways to Add Flavor to your Guest Posts

    Article writing is one of the most powerful ways to get across to an audience on the internet. The power the article weighs on the internet is powerful than can be imagined. Blogs are sprouting up by the minutes and everybody is writing articles for these blogs in return for backlinks to their website. But many factors other than the quality of the blog you’re pitching your article to can affect the returns you gain from writing a guest post for a blog. One of the most important of them is the quality your article.

    A lot of things can be used to qualify an article and that includes but is actually not limited to the flavor that article has. You might be thinking right now that “what does she mean by ‘flavor’?” Flavor will be defined by the points I’ll be sharing with you in this post.

    Research before Writing:

    Research is one of the primary ingredients needed in creating a high quality article. Though many writers and bloggers quickly forget about it because of the quantity of articles they wish to create, many professional writers do not neglect it and thus their articles are highly flavored.

    If you want your guest post to have enough flavor that it will help you get traffic to your blog after hosting it on another blog, you should do a healthy dose of research about any topic you’re going to write on before you start writing.

    You can use journals, news sites or Wikipedia as your research tools. Google, being a popular search engine site will also prove very powerful as a research tool.

    Link to Fact Pages:

    Another great way to add flavor to your guest post is by linking back to fact pages. The backlinks in your guest post and where they are pointing to can determine how much effort you put in writing that article. When you write an article, especially a top ten one, you want to make sure you’re mentioning important facts found by other writers, and to back up these facts you need to link to their pages or other articles that have mentioned them other than yours. That’s the best way to make your article have the flavor it deserves for it to be read.

    But you don’t want to link out too excessively, as this is also going to affect the SEO expectations you set for the guest post you wrote.

    Use Quotes and Timings:

    Finally in the list, use quotes and timings to give your guest post some sense of accuracy and deep findings. When you quote other popular writers on what they said in their articles, it has been found that readers will pay more attention to what you’re saying and will be willing to take actions based on your advicesBut make sure the quotes you're using in your article are bankable and are quotes from truly famous persons because doing otherwise might lead to rebel which would be bad for your guest post.

    Author Bio:

    Alan writes for speedyloan.com, a site that shares details about quick loans.

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