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    DNS Changer internet blackout- Are you infected ?

    As many as 45,000 users will loose internet access on Monday when the DNS Changer Trojan fix for computers is pulled down by FBI. Many people will be thinking what is DNS Changer and why it is so much in news these days. The answer is that DNS Changer is a malware that rerouted the internet traffic and generated $14 million for the criminal group called Rove Digital who was responsible for deploying the malware. 

    dns changer blackout

    The malware enabled criminals to get control of the DNS severs, which in-turn enabled them to divert traffic to other malware and websites instead of the domain you entered. The countries who are infected most by the virus is United States, followed by Italy and India. 

    The computers infected by the Trojan were working till date cause of the temporary fix developed by FBI to prevent users from loosing Internet access. The temporary fix is going to expire on Monday which can lead to a blackout. 

    How to know if you are infected ?

    So how can you know if your computer is infected?, There is a website www.dns-ok.us put up by FBI where internet users can check if they are infected by the virus. The website image background will turn green if your not infected and will turn red if your computer is infected. There is a complete list of country specific websites by FBI to check if you are infected, it can be found here

    What to do if you are infected?

    If your computer is infected, than we will suggest you to first backup your important data and get professional help. There are number for tools that can help you remove the malware from your PC or Mac yourself. You can find the complete list of tools here. There is also a complete PDF giving details about what to do if your computer is infected. 

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