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    Google Doodle tribute to Amelia Earhart on her 115th birthday

    If you have been to Google.com today than you will see a glider Doodle which has been created as a tribute to Amelia Earhart on her 115th birthday. Google Doodle earlier presented its tribute on Alan Turing's birthday. Amelia Earhart was referred to as "Queen of the Air" by United Press and also as "Lady Lindy" by many newspapers and magazines. 
    google doodle amelia earhart

    Amelia Earhart born on July 24, 1987 was a well known American aviation pioneer. She was awarded the U.S. Distinguished Flying Cross for being the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Earhart set many records and was also author of many best-selling books about her flying experiences. Her books were the main motivation behind the Ninety Nines, an organization of female pilots. Amelia Earhart was one of the charter members of Ninety Nines, which also runs a 'Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund' (AEMSF) program which helps in funding the flight training programs for female pilots. 

    amelia earhart birthday

    There have been many theories about his disappearance when she took his final flight over Howland Island and was finally declared dead in absentia on January 5, 1939 at a age of 41. Some of the last recorded messages were very confusing and there were no signs found even after the search operation begin after 1 hour of her last recorded message. 

    You can read more about his biography at her official website.

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