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    Google Fiber: 100 times faster Internet announced

    Google has announced Google Fiber which will provide 100 times faster Internet than the average broadband today. Google Fiber is said to change the way people use Internet with huge download and upload speeds. Google Fiber is initially available for Kansas city and pre-registration starts from today at Google.com/fiber

    google fiber

    Google Fiber will offer speeds upto 1000 MB per second which is almost 100 times faster than any of the Internet today. Such high speed Internet will ensure that you don't have to wait for anything, no waiting for buffering, uploading photos will take seconds and everything will be right there when you need it.

    HD videos and movies will be of highest quality and less compressed because of greater bandwidth. Google Fiber is not just a medium to watch TV or catch your favorite movies on NetFlix, its a door to whole new world out there. Google Fiber also provides you with a 2GB storage space using which you can record upto 8 programs simultaneously. 

    Fiber will offer the best of web right in your colleges, offices, homes and other public infrastructures. A greater benefit of Google Fiber can be in Healthcare department, like a senior doctor can guide fellow doctors during a surgery by joining live through Internet. Many possible doors open with greater speeds of Internet and it will be really interesting to see how the "next chapter of internet" unfolds. 

    Watch the video below:

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