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    Google: Handwriting a new way to search [Video]

    Google has launched yet another feature, Handwriting recognition for smartphone and tablet users. People can now just write on the screen in their own handwriting and Google will recognize it and give you the search results. 

    google handwriting

    Many people have been saying that its a needless feature or would be never used by anyone but i would like to say this is indeed a very handy feature to have. Imagine you have some your fingers messed up with glue, ofcourse typing fast wont be possible, in that case you can quickly write whatever you want with one of your free fingers and Google will throw search results for that.

    There is nothing new in handwriting recognition but its just that Google does it the better way and its integration with search is a great feature. 

    Watch the video below and you will know the rest on your own.

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