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    Google+ iPad app with Hangouts now available in the App store

    Google has announced recently a new Google+ app for iPhone. In May, they redesigned the Google+ app adding whole lot of new features like full bleed photos and attractive visual elements. Now you can have best of Google+ right on your iPhone or iPad. 

    google+ ipad app

    Some of the new features in this release are listed below:

    • Pinch and expand posts directly in your stream to add your comments.
    • You can easily start a Hangout from your iPad and stream it directly to your TV using AirPlay.
    • Sharing a post is as easy as dragging the post from the stream using two fingers.

    You can also use the latest Google+ Events feature on your iPhone. You can check who's going to the event, add photos to the event and post comments. All your events photos and comments is stored at one place past the event so that you can relive the moments. 

    Google+ Hangouts

    Now you  can start Hangouts to catch up with your friends face to face and have a party online. Hangouts  can have upto 9 participants, you can turn on the ringing notifications so that your friends can know when to join the Hangouts. 

    You can download the Google+ for iPad version 3.0 from App Store. Let us know of your experience.

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