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    Google Takeout: Merge your multiple Google+ accounts

    If you are one of those Google+ users who have multiple accounts and always thought how good it would be if you can merge both the accounts than Google Takeout is for you. This tool from Google will enable you to transfer your Google+ circles and followers from one account to another. 

    google+ transfer tool

    The tool basically works for a source account from which you want to transfer the circles to the destination account. The transfer will also result in your source profile being overridden by the destination profile along with the settings. 

    There is a seven day period before the transfer will take place so that if you decide not to transfer the account than you can log in and cancel the transfer request. Transfer process can not be cancelled from a mobile device. 

    This transfer tool will be really helpful for many Google+ users including me. I already initiated a transfer from one of my accounts to another, i was really waiting for this and so would be many of you. 

    Here is the link to the Google Takeaway website. Let us know if you are transferring any of your accounts, If  YES than whats the reason? We would love to hear from you on this. 

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