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    RIM And BlackBerry: Is There Really A Downfall?

    Have you noticed how the once highly popular BlackBerry devices seem to be currently upstaged by other smartphones? Its developer, Research In Motion Limited or RIM, is now facing a lot of challenges and difficulties as they try to battle in an ever dynamic and competitive telecommunications world. After enjoying years of progressive sales in communication devices, they made an announcement back in June 2011 about a possible revenue decrease for the first time in about nine years. There has even been a need to cut down work staff because of this challenge. This turn of events led a lot of BlackBerry supporters and patrons to rethink their loyalty about the brand. What caused its downfall? Is there still hope for this telecommunication mogul?

    RIM BlackBerry

    Loosing To Other Smartphone Brands

    BlackBerry’s sales decline may be attributed to the surge of sales in Apple and other Android-based smartphones. These companies are consistent in introducing new units, applications, features, and benefits that the preference for BlackBerry units has significantly waned. People are now switching to iPhones instead of buying BlackBerry units. 

    Another major reason was their inability to provide new units that can compete with their main contenders or rivals. Take for example the delay of BlackBerry 10. Apparently, they are not doing enough to keep their retail customers happy by providing new and updated units that can satisfy the demand for more versatile and modern smartphones.

    What About The Future?

    Do you think RIM and BlackBerry can still rise from this breakdown? They continue to reassure their major clients and the public that everything is still all good and that this decline is just temporary. They have taken into account the evaluations of analysts and are also keeping in close touch with their corporate customers. This is in response to the intentions of some companies who are thinking of using and patronizing other telecommunications provider.

    Given the situation they are in, it would be truly wise for the company to work doubly hard and come up with new, more advanced, and better BlackBerry phones. They need to come up with a technology that’s better than an automatic voice activation options like Siri, and other advancements that the competition is introducing. They need to think of ways to address the public’s clamor for a smartphone that will allow them to express their creativity online efficiently and immediately. It’s a good thing BlackBerry offers blogging benefits like WordPress Version 1.6 which help bloggers and website owners update their respective sites. Right now, there is a big demand for instant and effective social media access in smartphones. Lots of businesses and companies turn to social media to empower their marketing efforts and the availability of these features will definitely lure corporate customers into choosing BlackBerry as one of their online marketing aids.

    How about you? Would you consider using BlackBerry phones or do you prefer its competition? This is something that customers need to think about too. Would it be practical to purchase BlackBerry phones or not? Reflect on that first before you buy yourself one of their existing units. 

    Author Bio:
    NiƱa AngeliPilapil, a bookworm by heart, is an expert in promotional products used for both marketing and personal reasons. She is employed by Branders.com as their official blogger to write about topics like logo waterbottles. This dark chocolate fanatic enjoys her spare time reading books, watching movies, and honing her blogging craft. If you want to connect with her, follow her at http://twitter.com/ninsbonita.

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