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    Zapak launches Gaming Olympiad, offers virtual Olympic experience

    Zapak Digital Entertainment is going to launch GAMING OLYMPIAD on 27th July, the same date Olympic games will be starting. The online destination will offer live updates from London 2012 Olympics and will  also offer gamers a chance to participate in a virtual "Olympic" styled event.

    zapak gaming olympiad

    Zapak Gaming Olympiad will offer first of its kind gaming platform for casual gamers which will merge the live updates from London 2012 Olympics. The online platform will provide live updates, medal tallies, schedules, results and news from Olympic games. Some online games have been developed which will engage gamers to compete against each other over the two week period. 

    The games which will be available on Zapak Gaming Olympiad are:

    Field Hockey: Field Hockey is all about building your own team with 5 players a side, make goals for them, aim and strike! It is one of the most exciting games!

    Hurdles Run: Run as fast as you can, skip over all the hurdles and win! Run to the finish line before your opponents; make sure you don’t trip on any of the hurdles in the middle

    King of the Ring: Box and Jab your opponent to become the king of the ring. Use the upper cut to get an edge over your opponent. Be the king of the virtual boxing ring

    Table Tennis Pro: All the actual Table Tennis rules and points apply. Table Tennis just got virtual.

    The online gaming destination will be available on the web at olympics.zapak.com as well as on mobile at o.zapak.com. The website will feature a special leaderboard which will highlight top players in each game.

    Speaking on this launch Deepak Abbot, Head Product at Reliance Entertainment Digital said, "We are launching Zapak Gaming Olympiad with an aim to bring the Olympic Games on the digital platforms. We wish to give our users a virtual experience of the Olympic Games on their PCs andmobile phones. Not all Olympic enthusiasts have the luxury of time and place to see the match. We are the first ones to bring this experience in India."

    There is also a prize for each of the winners in above mentioned games. Each winner will get a motorcycle as a prize.

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