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    Microsoft bids goodbye to Hotmail, welcome Outlook

    Microsoft has launched their new revamped mail service and have named it Outlook. We had reported earlier that Microsoft may be redesigning its Hotmail service and  name it Newmail but now the curtains have been raised and the re-branded service has been named as Outlook. 

    Microsoft outlook email

    Users know Outlook as the desktop application that most would familiar with, it was used for reading emails, organizing calendar and managing contacts and now Microsoft brings Outlook as your personal mail service.  

    Microsoft promises to bring the best email service to users and it seems the first step has been taken by giving a complete makeover to their Hotmail service which was used by more than 300 million people monthly. Microsoft has been working hard on giving users a fast and fluid UI that resembles alot to the Metro UI of Windows Phone.

    The revamped mail service Outlook has the same design and UI as the screenshots that we had posted earlier showing the possible design and UI for the Hotmail. Outlook also incorporates Messaging as we could see in the sidebar but couldn't get it to work for some unknown issues. The top bar has got many different colors to choose from, blue being the default color. Clicking on the arrow button next to Outlook opens up a slider which provides icon tiles for other services like People, Calendar and SkyDrive. 

    outlook mail

    There is big announcement, Skype will be coming built right into Outlook soon. Yes you heard it right, that is really a big and clever step integrating the most popular online video chat service used by millions of users across the globe. Skype will attract alot of news users to Outlook and will keep them engaged. Office Web Apps and Skydrive have already been integrated to work effortlessly with Outlook. 

    skype in outlook mail

    We liked Outlook alot, its design provides for fast and fluid (we mean really fast here!) interface is something really awesome. Microsoft with Outlook has announced their re-entry on Internet and we should be expecting alot more in coming months. 

    Check out the Welcome to Outlook video from Microsoft below!


    1. aliases and custom rules for each folder is tremondous

    2. Yes they are awesome, and the social media integration is something that will keep the user engaged to Outlook. Skype integration will make it just too much better than the rest!


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