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    Wreckage LAN Event : Counter Strike Gaming Tournament

    Good news for all gaming fanatics out there,  a new Counter Strike tournament is on the cards. Wreckage LAN Event as it has been named by the organizers is the newest Counter Strike tournament to happen in the city of  New Delhi. The event will take place on 24th-26th August 2012.

    Organizers are very excited to bring this tournament to the city by partnering with Base5 Gaming cafe which has recently seen the light of day. SteelSeries India has been roped in as a sponsor with many others. One of the organizing members while expressing his thoughts on the event said, " We have kept the standards for the event high so that gamers don't feel any kind off lag or problems while playing in the tournament".

    To make sure the event doesn't go unnoticed NewsX will be providing media coverage for the gaming event and that will also help to keep the E-sport culture going in the country.

    The prizes are cash in Indian currency, read below for all details :

    Winner Rs. 10,000/-
    2nd Place Rs. 5,000/-
    3rd Place Rs. 2,500/-
    4th Place Rs. 1000/-
    The registration charges for each team which wishes to take part has been priced at Rs. 1,000. The teams will be divided into a group of 4 and each team will get to play a minimum of three matches. For all the rules and regulations for the matches you can check out the "Wreckage LAN Event" Facebook event page. Registrations are still open and if you want to take part than head to the event page and drop your contact number along  with team name and you will get a reply from the organizers.

    We hope to see you there. Keep Gaming!

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