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    Mobile Web Browsers Speed Test on BlackBerry 9300

    If you are BlackBerry user than I am sure someday or the other you would have thought that you should change your mobile browser because lack of speed or because your native browser does not have features that are expected. So we decided to do a speed test of some popular mobile browsers that are compatible with BlackBerry.

    The browsers that we chose for speed test are listed below:

    1.       Opera Mini
    2.       UC Web
    3.       BlackBerry Native Browser

    What we did in the speed test was we took a heavy site like indiatimes.com which is a popular web portal and opened it on every browser on the EDGE network and noted down the time taken to open the webpage. So let’s see how each of the browsers fared in the speed test.

    Opera Mini

    Opera Mini has been one of the most popular mobile browsers and its data compression technology has been over the top of others. The time Opera Mini clocked when put into Speed test was 25.1 seconds. That’s fast for a mobile device. The screenshot of the test is attached below.

    Speed Test Time : 25.1 seconds

    UC Web

    UC Web is one of those browsers that became instant hit with users. If you are kind of geek than you would have used one or the other GPRS tricks on UC Web to have free access to Internet. When put to speed test UC Web managed to clock 29.3 seconds with No segmentation.  That’s quick!

    Speed Test Time: 29.3 seconds

    BlackBerry Native Browser

    One thing that almost every BlackBerry user will complain about is its native web browser. You can’t even open big sized pages on it and what’s more irritating is that it freezes very frequently. So when we tested it, firstly it somehow managed to open the website and clocked 53.9 seconds. RIM needs to work alot on the browser before they release BlackBerry 10 OS.

    Speed Test Time: 53.9 seconds

    Final Verdict:
    So after testing above mentioned mobile browsers that are available for BlackBerry, we have found that in terms of speed Opera Mini beats the rest and also it renders the webpage in same way as you will find it on  your desktop browser. 

    We would like to know which browser you use on your mobile devices whether BlackBerry or any other. Do let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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