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    Review: Vipre Antivirus- overall protection for PC

    This post brought to you by GFI. All opinions are 100% mine.

    In this post i am going to review an antivirus software named Vipre Antivirus. I heard alot about this new antivirus software from many people and finally decided to give it a try even though i already had a antivirus solution on my PC.
    The software is very light and doesn't take too much of time to download and also installs smoothly without any hiccups. One of the things that i like about Vipre Antivirus is that they have combined the antivirus and antispyware into one which makes sure your system is not clogged.
    Vipre antivirus
    The software is so light on the computer system that it doesn't slow up your PC like most of antivirus softwares would do. Vipre antivirus keeps doing its work in the background and you wont even feel that its running on your PC. You can just install it and stop worrying about any kind of virus or spyware on your system. While using the Viper antivrus i noticed a positive change in the speed of my PC and that showed my earlier antivirus software was making my system slow and sluggish.
    Vipre antivrus also has inbuilt firewall that makes your system more secure from outside threats. The anti-spam filter is a much needed featrue now a days and this works quite well in this software. The anti-spam filter does block spam and phising emails. Along with it has also got a bad website blocker which keeps spam and bad websites away from your computer system.
    My personal expereince with Vipre antivirus has been quite satisfactory and i would definetly recommend you to try this on your PC. You can download a 30 day trial of the software and see if it improves the overall performance of your system.
    Do let us know about your views and experience about Vipre antivirus.


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