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    What to expect at September 12 event from Apple?

    So Apple sent invites to media for the September 12 closed event and since than it is being expected that Apple will be unveiling their new smartphone iPhone 5. But what we think is that the event may turn out to be much more than just the announcement of iPhone 5 and in this post we will list out the things that we expect from Apple at the September 12 event to be held in San Francisco. 
    iPhone launch september 12

    Earlier this year we predicted what to expect at WWDC 2012 and we nailed it with every prediction coming true. We hope this time also we can have the same accuracy.

    iPhone 5 or  "The New iPhone"

    Yes Apple may name the newest version of iPhone as "The New iPhone" following its naming trend with iPad rather than going with the name iPhone 5. The smartphone is expected to have a bigger 4" inch screen as the market is moving towards larger sized displays. iPhone 5 is expected to be slightly thinner than the current iPhone 4S and it should feature 4G LTE connectivity. 

    One major change that we can expect is the a new 8-pin connector instead of the old 30-pin connector legacy that is being followed by Apple in all its devices. It will be welcome change as the old connector was bulky and rarely used by people. A new processor maybe on the cards as well and according to us the new iPhone can feature a quad-core A6 processor and if used it will be more advanced than the one used the new iPad. Coming to camera of the new iPhone, we can see some improvements in terms of picture taking modes and other camera enhancements. 

    And how can we forget Apple's latest iOS 6 which was announced at WWDC this year. iOS 6 has alot of new features like the new turn by turn navigation app that replaces Google Maps as default maps application on iOS devices. Siri is also improved and we can expect deeper integration of Siri. Also the new Eyes Free technology which was announced at WWDC can be explained in more detail at the September 12 event. 

    iPad Mini 

    There have been alot of talks regarding Apple building a compact version of their iPad's being called iPad Mini and we can expect a surprising announcement regarding this new product. But going by Apple's event trends, they might give it a complete skip and host another separate media event for unveiling their new product category. 

    We can not rule out a sneak peak of iPad Mini that Apple might be thinking of giving to the media so that a hype can be built before the actual release of the product. Things will  become more clearer as the event date of September comes closer. 

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