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    Microsoft releases Windows 8 update before its launch on October 26

    Microsoft has released an update for its latest operating system Windows 8 which will be officially launched on October 26. The update is currently available to enterprise customers and MSDN via the Windows Update. 
    Windows 8

    According to Microsoft, the update contains various improvements related to compatibility, power management, performance and media. The update will be integrated with Windows 8 when it is launched on October 26. 

    Microsoft is also working on providing updates to Windows 8 built-in apps. The software giant is giving its all to Windows 8 prior to its launch. Microsoft has also rebranded its Windows Phone marketplace to Windows Phone Store, mainly to keep the user experience same whether on Windows 8 Store or Windows Phone Store. 

    Microsoft will officially launch Windows Phone 8 codenamed "Apollo" on October 29 i.e., three days after the launch of its desktop OS. The launch will follow with Windows Phone 8 devices showing up in the market around early November. We can see even more updates rolling out in these few days left before the official launch. 

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