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    Microsoft Surface released [Price and Availability]

    Microsoft held another event for Surface launch after the Windows 8 release yesterday. According to me, this was one of the best Microsoft's launch events in recent times and it was general manager of Surface products Panos Panay who pulled it off really well. Few media people also got lucky when Panos gave them a free Surface tablet at the event. 

    surface with windows rt

    He talked about how the Surface has been designed to be your best companion for work and as well as play. More than 200 custom parts have been built and made to fit into the sleek tablet which is according to him is more than a tablet. Microsoft has forayed into hardware and it will definitely give a tough competition to iPad and other tablets in the market. 

    Steve Balmer has reportedly said that Microsoft will be looking forward to building more hardware devices whenever the software giant feels that they can do a better job and there is a need for a better hardware in the market. It will be interesting to see how their hardware partners react to this with the whole Windows ecosystem heading towards a turnover.

    Though the event gave a miss to Surface for Windows 8 Pro which is still listed as coming soon, Surface with Windows 8 RT is now available for purchase online and offline at exclusive stores. The price of Surface with Windows RT starts at $499 for 32GB tablet only and includes no touch cover. Here is the video that was put up by Surface people, watch it below:

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