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    Nokia PureView 808 gets an update, brings new features

    Here's a good news for PureView 808 users. Nokia has released an update for its PureView 808 Symbian Belle smartphone. The update brings improvements along with some new and handy features.

    Nokia 808 PureView update

    Users can install the update on their phones using the Software Updater app or Nokia PC suite on their desktop. The features that the update brings are listed below:

    • Gallery Grid View in the landscape mode
    • More options when you open images from the Gallery widget in your home screen
    • More information about images like ISO value, file size and the location
    • Users can now even delete multiple photos at once in Gallery Grid view
    • A reset button in Creative Mode that will put the settings back to default
    • Improved browser with enhanced HTML5 support
    • New and faster Keyboard
    • Nokia Car Mode- enables access to key features when driving
    Nokia 808 pureview gallery grid view

    An update is also available for Nokia 603, 700 and 701 which include the bottom three features from the above list. So what are you waiting for, download the update and take benefit of the new features. 

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