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    Microsoft Surface Pro pricing announced

    If you have been waiting for the big brother of Surface RT i.e., Surface Pro than you here is a good news for you as Microsoft has taken the covers off the pricing. 
    Surface Pro pricing

    Surface Pro 64 GB variant will be available for a price of $899, where as you will have to loosen your pocket by $999 for the 128GB variant of the tablet. You can expect the launch of both the variants of Surface Pro early next year. 

    For those who don't know what Surface Pro has to offer, it is a more powerful variant of its little bro Surface RT and runs the Pro version of Windows 8. So, you are able to execute all the native Windows 7 and Windows 8 applications and softwares on Surface Pro. 

    On the hardware front Surface Pro has got next generation Inter i5 processor, a USB 3.0 port which makes it extremely compatible with range of USB devices available in the market, a 10.1-inch display with full 1080p HD resolution. Overall its a great tablet but more of an Ultrabook, which will compete with tablets in the market as well as with range of Windows 8 devices including convertibles and Ultrabooks. 

    Touch and type covers are not included in the price tag and are available for an additional price of $125 exclusive of taxes. 

    Were you waiting for Surface Pro and will you buy it?

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