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    Nokia unveils a new mapping cloud platform - "HERE"

    Nokia in a quest to emerge as the top mapping company has unveiled a new mapping platform named "Here" at an event in San Francisco.

    Nokia Here maps

    Nokia had previously launched services like Nokia Maps, Nokia Transport, Nokia Drive, Nokia City Lens among others. "Here" is a cloud location platform which will enable Nokia to increase its reach to different platforms including Android and iOS. Nokia will also be bringing the new mapping platform to Firefox OS and will work with Mozilla to improve the experience on it. 

    Nokia also introduced LiveSight, a new technology based on 3D maps which provides the most correct augmented reality experience. One of the first apps using LiveSight is the Nokia City Lens app which displayed nearby places to the user by just pointing the device camera in any direction. 


    Nokia is going strong and they have also acquired a 3D mapping company named Earthmine, this will help the firm create mapping experience like Google's StreetView. The portal for "Here" mapping cloud platform is now live at Here.net. It also includes Map Creator which enables users to make suggestions, create bridges, tunnels and places to make the maps more accurate. 

    Nokia have identified the mapping and navigation as the next big thing and they are surely doing the best to be ahead in this sector.

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