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    CrunchBang : A Simple Linux Distro with No Fuzz

    Ah! Atlast i am writing something after days of break from blogging and i have to say it that i missed it in many ways. 

    Getting back to the topic, being a Linux fan i have tried a whole lot of distros or flavours as many call them but after shuffling through many of them i have fell for this Crunchbang thing. So i decided to write a full long review about it which may help you decide on what you want on your machine.

    Crunchbang linux distro review

    A Simple Machine!

    Why i call it simple because it doesn't have any sort of fuzz associated with it. The very first time you boot into CrunchBang, you will get to know what you are going to be served. You are welcomed by a blank screen with no such launcher as Unity which is found in Ubuntu, only what you get is a task bar at the top and some basic system info which feels like its engraved on the wallpaper but its not (we will come back to it later).  

    Lets dive into some more details.

    Fast and Powerful

    As i mentioned i have used many of the available Linux distros including Ubuntu, so it has been a bit easier for me to notice the speed and powerful nature of the OS. Crunchbang tends to beat many other Linux OS's in terms of booting up which also includes Ubuntu, Mint, Elementary among others that i have previously tried. Though the difference may not be much but slightest margins get counted in a race. 

    Clean Interface (Conky, tint2)

    Crunchbang provides you with only the basic interface that a typical Linux user would like to have. Its just perfect i would say for a guy like me who is more dependent on the commands and shortcuts rather than reaching out for the mouse every now and then. 

    The very basic interface includes two very customizable and fun elements that are conky and tint2. The panel that you get on right side of the screen is conky which provides you with the system info and also shows many of the very useful shortcuts that help you get started within minutes. Conky is highly customizable with scripts and is quite a help for a new guy. 

    With Crunchbang i have minimized the use of mouse and believe me you will not know when you get used to not using the mouse often. The shortcuts are so easy, it just took me a day to get used to the shortcuts and since then it has been a smooth ride. 

    Coming to another part of the interface which is provided by Crunchbang is tint2 panel at the top, like conky it also very customizable. You just need to edit its configuration file with options you like and there are already alot of them on the web. 

    Package Manager

    Crunchbang is based on Debian which means you get your favorite packages with just a single command i.e., sudo apt-get install. Being a developer i need a whole lot of different packages for my apps environment to run and crunchbang has been able to fulfill those package requirements without much effort. Though if you need to get Skype up and running on a 64 bit machine then you might need to take out some time for the setup but that's the case with other Linux distro's as well.

    A Linux Distro for My Machine!

    For now i will keep using CrunchBang as my primary OS till i don't get hit by something else which is  more productive and simple at the same time. I haven't compared it much with others nor i have done any benchmarks but my overall experience with Crunchbang makes it the perfect OS for me. If you are a geek who likes to have more keystrokes when compared to mouse clicks, then i would suggest you to give it a try. At the same time i want to mention if you are just getting started with Linux then i would say Ubuntu or Mint will be a better choice for you. 

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