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    Vodafone launches AppStar contest

    Vodafone has launched first ever telecom sponsored App contest in India. The overall idea behind the AppStar contest is to promote the Mobile Internet usage in India by targeting the developer ecosystem.

    The global contest has invited the developers across the country to give their unique apps to Vodafone India. The chosen ones will get to compete with worlds best at the International round to be held in Kenya.

    The contest is expected to bring in some really useful and unique apps for the users all over the world. For more info about the contest and details you can read the below press release.

    Mumbai, October 14, 2013: Vodafone India, one of India’s leading telecommunications service providers, has launched the unique Vodafone AppStar - an annual developer contest to encourage local adoption of mobile internet by focusing on the developer ecosystem. This is a global initiative by Vodafone that provides a platform for all mobile app developers to showcase their talent to a larger global audience. This is an industry first move by Vodafone to engage with the developer community and ensure that world class apps are available to its customers.

    The Vodafone AppStar contest invites developers across the country to submit their unique apps to Vodafone India and be chosen as the best in their category. The contest gives the developers an opportunity to compete with the best in the world and empowers them to showcase their Apps on a global scale under the Vodafone umbrella.

    The Vodafone AppStar contest will not only benefit the developer community but will also bring to the customers many unique local apps that generally get lost in the open market app stores. These apps will help the customer discover the many uses of mobile internet apart from plain-vanilla internet browsing.

    The Vodafone AppStar contest will be held at two levels - India and international. For India specific contest, there are three categories in which one can participate – Best Game, Best Utility, Best Local Language App. The contest seeks to encourage apps which work in local conditions (like feature phones, local languages, etc). The winners of India round will stand a chance to participate in the international round that will be held in Kenya.

    The contest is open for anyone who has the capability to develop a cool app in any of the listed platforms – Blackberry,Android, J2ME, Windows Phone, iOSVodafone AppStar provides an open platform to all developers: be it an established company, student, hobbyists or a freelancer.

    Vodafone has thrown this contest open for all. So, even those who are not application developers can be a part of this contest by sharing their dream app idea. To participate in the contest, one will have to submit this idea on the contest website. The winner for this category will be decided based on the number of votes that the particular idea will generate.

    To participate in the contest, for both submitting an app or the dream app idea, and to get more details, please log on to www.vodafoneappstar.com
    So, go ahead and participate and be a star at the Vodafone AppStar contest!

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