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    The new iPhone X, an inch closer to the future, or not?

    So Apple launched the much anticipated futuristic iPhone which they named as iPhoneX or version 10 of the apple series of smartphones. So is it really that futuristic or just a hype. Lets dissect all about iPhoneX feature wise in this blog.

    The new iPhoneX/10

    Bezel-less design and display

    The much hype was around the bezel less design and OLED display of the iPhone X which extends from side to side and top (with a cut ) to bottom. Samsung has already done that and has done it far better then Apple with their latest flagship devices Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and even the latest Note 8.

    Apart from this, Apple will be relying on Samsung to build their latest OLED displays as the later has almost 90% market share when it comes to OLED display manufacturing and supply. So there is not much innovation on this front.

    Face Recognition or Face ID

    Apple ditched the Touch ID for the new Face ID which is nothing more but a face recognition algorithm which the tech giant guarantees to be a lot better then the previous Touch ID which people are using on their latest iPhones and still found place on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

    Again Samsung is ahead of the curve here, Face recognition is one of the key features of Note 8 which the company launched just a while back and it also has the ability to use your finger to unlock with a fingerprint sensor onboard.

    Apple is famous for not always being ahead of the time but they do things better then others and capture the market like no one else. In other words, they market a said feature so well, that the consumers are just forced to believe its the best thing out there.

    Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how the Face ID works in actual daily life scenarios.

    Wireless Charging

    Finally, Apple has picked up wireless charging for their latest set of smartphones including iPhone X. My earlier statement is good enough to tell you how late is Apple on that front. Wireless charging for smartphones have been there for ages.

    Even the Nexus 4 from Google had it, so that basically it is not anything new but yes now as Apple has added it to their flagship devices its going to be marketed smartly.

    Apple is under pressure from the ever fast moving market and though iPhone X is a leap forward for the iPhones, it is certainly not for smartphones in general. 

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